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"Fresh and Friends" is a project of the Gemüsering company, which has almost thirty years of experience in the field of wholesaling of fresh fruits , vegetables and vegetables . Therefore, all the workers of our company have always had the privilege of being surrounded by these healthy foods fresh from nature and which we could access at any time. Fruit at its point to be able to eat when we want and fresh vegetables to take home and prepare delicious healthy recipes. This circumstance made the health of our workers better and with it, the health of our company.


Over time we realized that this was a privilege that we could share with workers from other companies, so we thought, why don't we make it yours as well? And, although we knew that there was some similar initiative, we were very aware that no one could offer fresh fruit, vegetables and vegetables better than us, not only for the quality of our products but also for the quality of our service . And, after this reflection, " Fresh & Friends " was born, a project dedicated to making healthy companies , improving the health of workers.



Reasons to choose us

We deliver our products in less than 24h


Eco Friendly

We care about the environment and that's why our buildings, technical facilities, means of transport and waste management are permanently reviewed and audited to minimize our environmental impact. To this end, we set annual economic, ecological and social goals.

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C/ Longitudinal 7, 50, Mercabarna, 08040 Barcelona.


Nave Beta 8 C.34, Mercamadrid 28053, (Madrid).

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